An Open World/Exploration Game…  A 3D, two player, networked, alternate reality gothic exploratory co-op adventure game with elements of flight simulation.

Ravens intro painting

Created at Concordia University for the Ubisoft Game Lab Competition 2015

*WON* Best Creativity and Integration of the Theme



In this age of digital manipulation, avatars and virtual representations, it has become increasingly difficult to differentiate between the real and the simulated, the simulacra and the simulacrum. This applies not only to the ways in which individuals are perceived by others, but to self-perception as well. Reduced to pixels and imaginary realities, identity crises have given way to identity myths. The concepts of personhood and identity are today more vague and intangible than ever.

The question of who or what one is, and the search for ones place and individuality within a greater society has become more complex, and more ephemeral. How are individuals affected by these ambiguities? How are they affected by those who came before? How do they interact with one another in a digitized space? What digital footprint do they leave behind?

Reflectivism addresses these issues by confronting the participant with their own distorted reflections, blurring the lines between the real and virtual, actual and manipulated, past and present, self and other.


Reflectivism on Creator’s Project



Sum is a performative environment that utilizing multiple sensory stimuli to communicate a poetic connection between oil, plastic, and performers in the space. The work confuses the boundary between the performance of guests and the performance of the materials represented within the space. Specifically, real time audio and video techniques were used to develop a gestural relationship between the space and the movements of the performers. Audio and video interactions were coded using a combination of software applications including Unity, Max Jitter, Max MSP, VVVV, and Mad Mapper.

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